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Bell Schedule

8:10- Bus Unloading

8:30 Homeroom 


            11:00- Kindergarten 

             11:10- 1st Grade

             11:15- 2nd Grade

             11:25- 3rd Grade

             11:30- 4th Grade

             11:55- 5th Grade

              12:00- 6th Grade

              12:20- Pre-K


              11:50-12:05 3rd & 4th Grade

              12:20-12:35 5th & 6th Grade

              12:45-1:00 Kindergarten-2nd Grade

3:30- Dismissal 


*Students are not allowed on campus until 8:10.

*Students are considered tardy at 8:31.

*Parents are not allowed to call the school to make changes to their child/children's form of transportation.  The school is required to have a written note from the parent/guardian.  

*Parents will not be allowed to check-out their child/children after 3:15.  

*Parents will not be allowed in the building during dismissal. If you will be personally picking up your child/children, please wait outside in the front of the school near the doors to the office, not the doors under the breezeway. 

*Car riders will be dismissed after all buses after departed at approximately 3:40.  Parents should form a line at the park and once the signal is given you will be allowed to enter the driveway and pick-up your child in front of the school.